The Mediterranean House

The Mediterranean House

A Three bedroom house with various other amenities like Home theatre, Brewing area, Barbeque spaces, Jacuzzi …etc, for a family of four, across a plot area of 2400sq.ft located in Residential Outskirts called Maruti Green fields.

Our client has a fascination with Mediterranean style and finishes. The Design program was a bit complex all together and it was Teamwork altogether. It is West facing house built around the central open to sky garden and it is a Load Bearing structure built with Size stone masonry & Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks. It all together has a rustic finish as we kept the material palate more simple, natural, and Earthen.


  • Category : Residential
  • Year : 2021
  • Client Name: Gnanamurugan
  • Location : Hosur, Tamilnadu

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Mediterranean house PPLS architect
Mediterranean house PPLS
Mediterranean house
PPLS architect Mediterranean house