About Us


About Us

“The Earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need but not his greed”. – M K Gandhi.

People’s Architect Design Solutions is a Hosur based Design firm focusing in Ecology, Architecture and Water. We are a Team of young like minded friends and individuals striving to make a change in the construction sector of our country.

History reveals that earlier Settlements and many world heritage sites & monuments were built with Natural Materials. But the sad fact is that today less than thirty percent of the world population only live in Earthen Buildings. Even though it is a more sustainable and durable material, due to the advent of Industrialization and widespread demand for Cement Houses its been continuously in the decline.

So, we have devoted ourselves to this cause of using Mud, waste, and other various Vernacular Materials for making structural, utilitarian, and various other purposes. Also, the  Main Ideology is to create more Cyclical Systems (Cradle to cradle) to Counter Urbanism and calculate Responsible and Sustainable strategies.

Our Team


Sadai Eeswaran

Founder & Principal Architect

Pon Adhithiyan



Earth Contractor

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